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Gain insight - check out "Anna on Assignment"

Want to better understand the assignment experience? Then try heading off on assignment, interviewing assignees or reading a firsthand account from an expat in action!  

Anna on Assignment is just that. Follow the posts of Anna Kostial who is on assignment in our Hong Kong office through January 2019. From Octopus cards to actually eating octopus, read her blog posts that talk about the opportunity of an assignment, the preparation, the initial start and her ongoing insights throughout her journey.

See the latest posts, photos, short videos and other content to gain deeper insights into the life of a successful expat. 

Senior Global Mobility Counselor Anna Kostial is on assignment with Plus through January 2019 in our Hong Kong office. In this video, Anna talks about why she wanted to go on the assignment and discusses her expectations for the experience. Over the course of the next few months, Anna will be providing updates from her time in Hong Kong, giving you the opportunity to see what life is like for an expat. Check back for more from Anna on Assignment!


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