When doing an online search on the word "nightmare," it is defined as a frightening or unpleasant dream, but when we say in response to something that has actually happened, "OMG, what a nightmare!" then we are dealing with the third definition of "a person, thing, or situation that is very difficult to deal with."

Relocation can be stressful enough. Anxiety, change management, intense emotions, fear of the unknown, and just plain old hard-work is involved in the relocation process. So, adding in a nightmare experience to the whole process is a horrific outcome to what should be an exciting, albeit stressful, event.

This article highlights one of the most common nightmares that has become a reality for too many people when relocating on their own - that of a rogue supplier. There are many great relocation partners available out there, so don't get caught (or let your employees get caught) by one of these rogues. Even if you provide lump sums, make sure your employees work with thoroughly vetted and trusted partners. Avoid the nightmares and provide a much better relocation experience for your employees! See why you should consider working with the best.