This article shares perspectives from three large corporations regarding growth, cost management, lack of talent and reviews of their current mobility packages. More often today, companies are reconsidering their approach to supporting mobile employees and using it as an element of their talent management strategy. Balancing the employee experience and the cost to the business continues to be a primary challenge, where they grapple with questions like:

  • "Does the mobility package support the expat to their full potential in the host location?"
  • "What challenges does the current political structure place on the mobility programme and the expat?"
  • “What type of policy best fits our needs and how can we build flexibility to support without adding cost?”

Many human resource and mobility teams attribute the root concern of growth, cost management and changes to mobility practices to the talent shortage. Good talent remains hard to find and keeping it is more critical than ever. So, what can your company do to stay ahead of any issues that will affect your talent management strategy?

One word that is used throughout this article is “flexibility." It's extremely important to take into account the various factors that will impact the growth for your company which are things like attracting and retaining talent and improving the overall employee experience. Understanding how talent mobility fits into that picture for your company could have a positive impact for your future success.