Another Worldwide ERC® Global Workforce Symposium is in the books, and when I reflect on my week in Boston, one word comes to mind — “buzz.”

And I’m not just referring to the usual buzz that surrounds one of the largest mobility industry events of the year. I’m talking about the buzz around Point C, the revolutionary new mobility platform powered by our innovation lab, Plus One.

This conference was our first chance to really engage with the industry about Point C. We hosted several technology demos and wore Point C-branded shirts all week that drew plenty of eyeballs. As the conference rolled on, more and more people reached out to us, asking about the buzz they were hearing on Point C.

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Many mobility leaders who attended our demo sessions remarked that Point C was the solution they needed for challenges they were unsure they could solve. There were countless “a-ha!” moments as these mobility professionals saw how Point C ends exceptions for good and focuses on the relocating employee experience in a truly unique way.

With the Global Workforce Symposium behind me, I’m fully energized for the next phase of Point C’s growth. We’re going to continue the great conversations we started in Boston and begin new discussions with companies that see the potential in Point C. If you want to talk about changing the way you approach mobility, please reach out to me anytime.