If you have not already dug into this survey, check out the article below as it can provide you with more insight on what other companies are doing for their employees and expatriates that are living and working in Hong Kong.

Out of the 41 companies that participated in the survey, almost two thirds are not considering any specific actions in response to the recent events in Hong Kong.

One third of the companies, however, are actively considering several options in response to the ongoing protests.

Actions under consideration:

  • Flexible work schedules for expats (and all employees) such as working from home
  • Providing additional security briefings and updates to staff
  • Making sure safety measures are in place
  • Considering possible hardship allowances
  • Transferring assignees with families to another safe location in Hong Kong.

Over 60% of companies also identified several other actions in response to the ongoing protests:

  • Providing additional transportation allowance such as taxi rides to and from the office (in the event public transportation is disrupted)
  • Updating and implementing business continuity plans
  • Banning business travel to Hong Kong
  • Employing the use of a global security helpline (and other information services) to update employees on protest developments
  • Delaying future moves into Hong Kong

Companies emphasized that many of these actions are being considered not just for international assignees, but for all their employees in Hong Kong.

About 12% of companies indicated that employees had expressed a desire to leave Hong Kong due to the current circumstances.