In the mobility industry, our goal should always be to deliver delight to our clients and their relocating employees. No matter what else we say or do, it all comes back to the experience of those we serve.

That’s why I’m so proud that Plus has once again excelled in the international Relocation Managers’ Survey from Trippel Survey & Research, LLC. We recorded best-in-class marks in the following categories:

  • Quality of People and Service Delivery (net satisfaction)
  • Breadth of Service Provided (net satisfaction)
  • Local Supplier Management (net satisfaction)
  • Technology (net satisfaction)
  • Technology (average score)

To me, these types of scores mean that we’ve been successful in our mission to deliver delight. And it’s not by accident, either — we’re only able to deliver delight when all of our employees are dedicated, determined and focused.

With everything we’ve been through in the past year, that’s no small feat, so I’d like to thank Plus employees (we affectionately call them Plusites) for everything they do. And to every client that we have the privilege of serving, thank you for your loyal partnerships.