Thinking back, many of us can remember our first day at a new school. No matter if it was elementary school, college or something in between, there was typically a flood of excitement (and probably some nerves) as we got used to new environments and people.

The first day on a new job often carried similar emotions, but as the article below from Talent Culture points out, it’s largely been a different experience since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of buying a sharp new outfit and making sure their commutes are all planned out, many new employees these days have instead had to make sure Zoom works on their computer and they have space to set up a comfortable home office.

While remote work has its perks, that flood of excitement that came with the first day in a new office is largely gone. Plus, for employees who start a new job virtually, it can be much harder to connect with coworkers and feel a sense of engagement with the company.

What can organizations do about this issue? As I wrote about before, it’s important to consider when and how to utilize in-person gatherings mixed in with remote work. Look for “rich qualitative exchanges” where employees — especially those new to your company — feel engaged and stimulated. An onboarding process that features some on-site opportunities could help recapture some of that “first day magic” I alluded to above.

This is an area where mobility teams can be strong internal partners. Taking the lead on charting the course for a hybrid work model and finding areas where mobility can be a part of the solution brings tremendous value to an organization — especially if it helps new employees feel connected and excited from day one.