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ICYMI: 8 magical updates to help you better manage your talent mobility needs!

8 is a magic number. In Korea, the number 8 is thought to bring money and good luck. Many Koreans try to book special events and celebrations like dates, weddings, or business meetings on dates that have as many 8s as possible. In China, the number 8 is considered an auspicious number, associated with money and wealth. The Japanese consider it lucky because when turned on its side, it resembles infinity or the kanji which symbolizes prosperity and growth! In India, the number 8 means intuitive intelligence and represents the potential to achieve great things.

Since our last ICYMI post 2 weeks ago, there have been a number of things happening globally that are likely to affect global mobility programs. Let's take a look at a nice list of 8:

  1. Singapore: Per Worldwide ERC, Singapore has introduced a new work visa by initiating the Overseas Networks and Expertise (ONE) pass to attract a greater number of global expatriate workers. Singapore has introduced the ONE Pass visa to attract international talent, allowing both the visa holder and their partners to work for five years. The ONE Pass streamlines the immigration process for employers transferring employees to Singapore, but it also introduces risks. Learn more about eligibility, benefits, and risks of the ONE Pass.
  2. Canada: Canada announced their first-ever Tech Talent Strategy! Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced on June 27th a new national strategy designed to attract and retain foreign STEM professionals. There are 6 key elements to the new strategy for attracting highly talented tech industry individuals. Learn more here.
  3. United States: The U.S. passport agency is flooded with a record-breaking 500,000 applications a week, according to Time Magazine. This puts applications on track to top last year’s 22 million passports issued, the State Department says. If you currently need a valid U.S. passport, prepare for extremely long wait times and maybe an unplanned excursion into the nightmare zone. If you are abroad and needing to have a visa interview it could be even worse. People in New Delhi could expect to wait 451 days, Sao Paulo more than 600 days, Mexico City 750 days and Bogata, Colombia 801 days! Also, the Department of State recently implemented its fee increase for nonimmigrant visa (NIV) and border crossing card applications. Changes were first announced on May 25, 2023, to take effect on May 27, 2023. However, the implementation was delayed until June 17, 2023, and the increases are now in effect.
  4. Germany: Increased parameters allow skilled laborers to immigrate to Germany from non-EU countries. These changes include an “Opportunity Card” which allows a renewable one-year residence permit to seek employment, relaxation of requirements for applicants, the ability for applicants to take any role they are qualified for, and more. This bill is slated to go into effect by March of 2024.
  5. Brazil: Immigration processing delays are taking place due to high volume of humanitarian family reunion applications submitted by Haitians and other refugees. Processing wait times are as high as 45 days or more, compared to the standard processing time of around 30 days. Visa applications filed at the Federal Police are not affected.
  6. Czech Republic: Per Envoy Global, the Czech Republic has centralized the processing of all long-term visa and residence permit applications submitted by foreign nationals in the Schenghen Area to a new consular office located in Dresden, Germany. Then, as it relates to Blue Card minimum salary, there was a recent announcement from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs that the average gross salary is equal to CZK 726 354 for a period from May 1st, 2023 to April 30th, 2024. Therefore, the country has increased the gross monthly salary of a foreigner to CZK 60,530 per month (around USD 2,786/mo). This change was implemented on May 1st, 2023, and is expected to remain in effect until at least April 30th, 2024.
  7. Italy: Italy has enacted an amendment that allows non-EU foreign nationals to start working immediately upon receiving a work visa and entering Italy. They no longer need to wait until they have signed their contract to stay to start working. This change impacts nationals working under an EU Blue Card, Intra-Company Transfer, EU Intra-Company Transfer, and seasonal workers.
  8. United Kingdom: Catch up on the latest related to the "Electronic Travel Authorization" (ETA scheme) and the rollout with Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, and Jordan. The ETA scheme is targeted to become fully effective by 2024. Travelers entering the UK for short- or long-term work or business activities will still need to obtain work authorization or related permissions in addition to ETA approval. Also, there are planned strikes at Heathrow airport that could impact any travel coming to or through London. Per Newland Chase, approximately 2,000 officers will be taking part in the strikes, with the goal of receiving higher wages to combat the cost of living and current inflation rates. Planned strike dates include July 14th-16th, 21st-24th, and 28th-31st, as well as August 4th-7th, 11th-14th, 18th-20th, and 24th-27th. 

n a move aimed at attracting a greater number of global workers, Singapore has recently introduced a new work visa. On 1 January 2023, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) initiated the Overseas Networks and Expertise (ONE) pass to facilitate the recruitment of expatriates.  This initiative is a direct response to the challenges posed by a constrained labor market. Singapore has introduced the ONE Pass visa to attract international talent, allowing both the visa holder and their partners to work for five years.  This initiative aims to enhance Singapore’s appeal to global talent amid competition from other countries with similar visas, like the UK and Germany. These countries have also introduced new work and talent visas to attract skilled migrants, providing streamlined access and opportunities for employment.


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