The "Best Countries Global Performance" rankings are out from U.S. News in partnership with BAV and Wharton. The rankings are based on a survey that evaluates 60 countries and where more than 16,000 people from four global regions provided their input on 8 broad topics - Adventure, Citizenship, Entrepreneurship, Heritage, Influence, Movers, Open for business, Power and Quality of Life.

While Germany, Canada, the UK,  the U.S. and Sweden were the top 5 overall, the category that piqued my curiosity and interest was the Movers category.  This category looked closely at the up-and-coming economies poised to grow at rates almost double the global average. Here the top 5 were: India, Singapore, China, Thailand and Japan.  It was East and South Asian countries that dominated the rankings in this category.  These countries already attract significant expatriate talent but over the next few years, one might bet on these destinations to attract even larger quantities of talent, especially from within the region.  A few others we note in the region would be Vietnam, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines.