You have likely heard that three countries have issued travel warnings about visiting the United States. The U.S. is the focus of concern by foreign governments — particularly in the Middle East and Caribbean — as a result of the protests that took place in many U.S. cities throughout the weekend following last week's police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

Bahrain, the Bahamas and the U.A.E. encouraged students and other citizens in the U.S. or traveling to the U.S. to be aware of immediate surroundings and avoid crowded places whenever possible. They warned their citizens to "exercise particular caution during large festivals or events, be alert and stay safe."

While these warnings have just come out recently, it reminded me of another article I had seen not that long ago entitled, "25 Unusual Foreign Travel Warnings for Visiting the U.S."  

My personal favorite from that list?


Germany sees fit to advise its citizens against following and harassing others on American soil: “In the U.S., repeatedly following or repeatedly harassing another person, called ‘stalking,’ is punishable by law.”