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Making your expat assignment easier on your family

Every employee and family heading off on an international assignment has their own unique set of obstacles, and their own package of needs, fears, worries and desires.  

The article below is written for the employee and family that is heading out on an international assignment. The author challenges the expat to really consider the experience at each point along the way.  The call is for the employee to really consider the journey and its impact on the family.  

It reminds me of all the journey work that we have been doing here at Plus. This journey work was at the core of our Elo Technology Solutions.  Through our research with relocating employees, we know they experience a great deal of anxiety from not knowing what’s coming up next, who to contact or where to find information. They put a lot of effort into hunting down answers, gathering and tracking dates, documents, to-dos and people. They told us they needed help – a tool that brings everyone and everything they need together, in one place.  So, we created Elo, and then built additional Elo solutions to accommodate different mobility journeys. Elo can help with your candidate reimbursements, permanent transfers or short and long term expatriate assignments.

The work Plus has done in understanding the relocating employee's journey has allowed us to not only create technology solutions, but to improve relocation counselor training, revise existing processes to remove barriers and add additional support steps to enhance the experience without adding cost to the bottom line.

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As companies expand globally, executives are increasingly being tapped for expatriate assignments. The idea is to spread talent, expertise, and knowledge from headquarters to foreign offices, and vice versa. But these are costly moves — $311,000 per year, according to a report by PwC and the Cranfield School of Management — and many fail to generate a return on investment. Studies show that an estimated 6%–10% of such assignments are terminated early, while an unknown but sizable percentage involve unnecessary struggle and underperformance.


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