In their recent 2017 report on the "State of the American Workplace," Gallup states, "Today, the old ways of running a workplace -- annual reviews, forced rankings, outdated competencies -- don't get the intended results. Leaders must gain scientific insight into employees' evolving wants and needs and learn how to build an exceptional workplace."

This report can help you to consider how to:

  • design and deliver a compelling and authentic employer brand
  • take employee engagement from a survey to a cultural pillar that improves performance
  • approach performance management in ways that motivate employees
  • offer benefits and perks that influence attraction and retention
  • enable people to work successfully from locations besides the office
  • construct office environments that honor privacy while encouraging collaboration
  • improve clarity and communication for employees who work on multiple teams

Don't have time to download and read the entire report? Consider watching: State of American Workplace

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