Once you are there, countries like New Zealand, Australia and South Africa are the friendliest to new expats. But this question of which country is most friendly to incoming corporate workers has more to do with immigration practices.

A couple of years ago, the Immigroup published their list of Top 10 Immigration Friendly Countries. Drum roll please:

  1. Canada
  2. Australia
  3. Germany
  4. Singapore
  5. USA
  6. UAE
  7. New Zealand
  8. Norway
  9. Israel
  10. Brazil

Canada continues to remain at the top of the list, with a fifth of its population being foreign-born, which is double that of the United States.  

According to the Canadian government, few countries in the world can match Canada’s embrace of immigration and integration. Last year, Canada admitted over 271,000 new permanent residents, the highest number since 2010. The top 10 countries from where permanent residents originated are:

  1. Philippines
  2. India
  3. China
  4. Iran
  5. Pakistan
  6. Syria
  7. USA
  8. France
  9. UK
  10. Nigeria