This interesting article highlights a concern on the impact of Brexit on communication in the future between Britain and the EU, and even the rest of the world.  According to Tom Robinson, "It’s not only a question of who we’ll be able to do business with post-Brexit, but also the terms we’ll be dealing with, the languages involved and the legal environments we’ll be operating in...suddenly, we could be one of few nations in the world that speaks British English."

As we, and all of our clients, prospects, competition and partners continue to grapple with the various possible consequences and fallout that may need to be dealt with due to Brexit, we thought it would be a great time to check in with talent management and global mobility programs to see what they are thinking.

How are companies feeling with regard to the direction of Brexit negotiations and the potential impact on their operations? This Brexit pulse survey (10 questions) will help reveal what the current level of concern is for talent management and global mobility programmes, and seeks to highlight what companies are doing in preparation.

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts on Brexit and its impact on global mobility.   

Those who participate in the survey will get a complimentary copy of the results.