ECA's Location Ratings are out and Singapore remains the most livable location for Asian expatriates, but how are the other Asian countries doing with regard to being attractive locations for Asian expatriates? Overall, the usual suspects remained the same as last year. There were four countries (Singapore, Australia, Japan and New Zealand) that dominated the top 10 with Tokyo moving up five spots from 11th to sixth. All of the top 20 were located in Asia and Europe. None of the top locations were in the Americas region, the Middle East or Africa. 

There are a few areas of concern that impact a country's status of being the most livable location that many countries in APAC all agree on. Some common concerns are combating air quality and pollution. Other APAC countries are improving their housing prices, schooling quality and reducing crime rates in order to improve their status. Even though Singapore also has these concerns, they are able to stay on top of this list year after year.  

Another tactic to maintain their top-level status, the Singaporean government is helping out by investing significantly in their airport in hopes of becoming the world’s best airport.

Taking into consideration everything mentioned above, what will companies that have a need for moving Asian talent into locations like Taipei, Beijing and even New York and London need to do to have assignees agree to go? Will companies need to adjust their relocation packages for moving their Asian employees into lower rates cities around the world?