According to the Shanghai Eye, China is moving towards the creation of a state immigration administration that falls under the Ministry of Public Security. The state would then be responsible for coordinating and formulating immigration policies and their implementation. They would also manage border control and manage each foreigner's stay in China. They would take the lead on dealing with those foreigners that enter illegally or that stay and work in China beyond the approved stay, as well as handling the repatriation of illegal immigrants.

According to Fragomen, the new agency would be:

  • Coordinate immigration functions that previously existed among various government agencies
  • Formulate and implement immigration policies
  • Conduct border control activities
  • Regulate foreign nationals’ entry and stay in China
  • Monitor, oversee and repatriate foreign nationals who illegally stay or who are illegally employed in China
  • Controlle the exit and entry of Chinese nationals leaving China
  • Engage in international immigration agreements

This follows after another recent change back in January 2018, where China announced easier visa permits for foreign professionals and high-skilled workers as part of its effort to bridge the talent gap.

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