We are offering multinational companies that are moving talent into Saudi Arabia a great opportunity to benchmark their policy and program against others in the mining, energy and gas/oil/petroleum industries.

We're compiling expatriate long-term assignment (LTA) policies from mining, energy and/or petroleum companies in order to benchmark their Saudi Arabian inbound assignment benefit offerings. The goal of the benchmark is to allow each company to anonymously compare their policies to similar companies in order to ensure competitiveness in attracting and supporting talent in this location. It will assume that the benefits are provided to a western style expatriate and their family, and that the employee is living unaccompanied in a remote location. The benchmark will be exclusive of compensation or other benefits.  

Participating companies will be kept anonymous and will receive free copies of the benchmarks in pdf format. Additionally, we will provide participants with a summary of benchmark insights. Any participating companies may use the benchmark in order to update their existing policies or create new LTA policies. 

If you are a company that is interested in participating, please contact Gina Grover (ggrover@plusrelocation.com or +1.952.512.5576).