According to McKinsey, superior talent is up to eight times more productive. So, the best workers do the best and the most work? Many companies do an awful job of finding and keeping them. They are attracting average (or worse, below average) employees and then losing them.

This article is a good reminder, or for some a wake-up call, to question and consider the value of the relocation or assignment benefits provided to employees. Do the current relocation or assignment benefits in your company address and answer the core needs of your employees? Has your company allowed employees moving with their family to join the discussion and have some choice in selecting their own relocation benefits? What do current millennials value in relocation support versus standard relocation benefits?

To promote the relocation experience, corporate mobility programmes will need to understand the relocation needs and unique concerns that each of their employees possess. A recent study found that "managing their health is a top priority for two-thirds of employees in Asia." Does your mobility programme offer health related benefits to fit the needs of your employees, especially those going to more challenging locations or those with health challenges? Organisations across the globe are finding the need to innovate on the benefits they provide. Is an employee's wellbeing considered or supported within the mobility support being offered currently? As noted in this article, it very well may be time as, "wellness and a healthy lifestyle will be a cornerstone of attracting and keeping talent of the future."