There's a lot packed into an international assignment! If a company is not organized, there are many things that could fall through the cracks, which is probably why so many organizations outsource key support functions to capable and trusted vendor partners. Tax consultation and prep, relocation/assignment management services, and visa and immigration are the top three most outsourced functions for mobility programs according to the 2017 KPMG GAPP survey

In outsourcing, mobility programs seek to:

  1. enhance their scalability while reducing the level of their own administration support
  2. gain access to a greater source of global knowledge and resources 
  3. improve the level of compliance of their program 
  4. gain access to improved technology and reporting
  5. improve operational efficiencies and raise the level of service quality ultimately enhancing their expat's experience

In the article below, it addresses that last point of making sure that your expat is heading out on assignment with "their eyes wide open" and prepared for nothing but success. While Expat Focus has written this for the expat audience, there's an opportunity to review the list and hold these 10 to-do's up against your own management of expatriate assignments to make sure that you're already addressing these important elements. If not, whip out a few new initiatives that will almost certainly improve the expat experience and ultimately raise the level of ROI for the company! (Maybe without any additional cost to the company!)

On that note, check out our white paper on "Improve the Relocation Experience Without Adding Costs." Why not get more out of every international assignment?