This article gives a great summary of the differences between Airbnb and temporary housing. When deciding which option is best for an organisation, it's always of utmost importance to keep compliance in mind. 

Since temporary housing has been the "norm" for so long, these organisations have already put into place specific compliance and regulations that meet the needs of corporate partners. However, when working with Airbnb, organisations will often be working directly with the landlord who may not know the compliance concerns that temporary housing companies have already addressed. Without certain regulations in place, it opens an obvious window of concern for corporations placing their employees in these properties. 

There is currently no solution for monitoring and managing all these landlords in order to address a corporate client's concern for their relocating employees. This is also the reason why we are seeing a preference of serviced accommodation when their relocating employees are on business trips or assignments.

Also, remember that "extra" services included in apartment rentals depend completely on the location. For example, housekeeping is often included in the rental price in the APAC region, however, in the U.S., this will be looked at separately from the rental price and treated as an additional service.