Hey mobility managers and directors, 

The original post on this was two years ago (Dec 2016) where we tapped into an article written by Communicaid entitled, "What heads of global mobility want for Christmas this year." Some ideas posed in their article were:

  • Focus on and improve the duty of care capabilities of your mobility program
  • Get a better sense of what your counterparts and team members need out there in other regions to maximize their resources and effectiveness (with both time and money)
  • Improve the overall employee journey for employees experiencing mobility
  • Educate and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders on program details and processes to prevent exceptions, excessive spending and equity issues, not to mention possible compliance issues.

So, two years later, these are still issues for many mobility programs. Are these needing to be addressed by your program as you head into the next year? 

Every program has its own unique needs, gaps and ambitions. Are your goals to:

  • improve compliance
  • increase efficiencies
  • develop programs
  • benchmark policies
  • assess and reduce program spend

While some need help developing and managing intern programs, others need an upgrade to their global compensation accumulation process. As you spend time assessing the impact on mobility expenses of the tax reform, grappling with the ongoing geo-political instabilities and projected increases in move volumes, and considering how best to enhance the employee experience to be better able to attract, develop and retain hard to win talent, what are the top items on your list this year?