A new episode of "The Leading Edge" has been released and our very own award-winning Susan Benevides is the focus. Thomas Bailey director of client development at ReloTrans Auto Relocation interviews Susan on all things mobility.  

Having grown up in the relocation industry, Susan understands the macro-challenges that mobility professionals face all the way down to the micro-annoyances. With this insight, and as CEO, she guides Plus to create solutions and technology that solve real problems and make a real difference to clients.

I've worked with her for the last 19 years and I can tell you that Susan has an obsessive focus on client needs, seeks continuous innovation, has an annoying habit of intentionally scaring co-workers with loud noises (and a batch of other highly effective techniques), and is seriously "cheeky" (as described by our London office). 

But don't take my word, check out the video where they discuss the obstacles and challenges she has faced as a woman in this industry, how Plus Relocation plans to navigate the terrain of the future of relocation, her keys to success and more