According to Peggy Smith in a recent issue of Mobility Magazine, here is the recipe for creating tomorrow's workforce:

"Take 50 percent of the working population that's filling traditional jobs. Add a healthy portion of contingent workers, both long and short-term, depending on the initiatives you need to address. Measure out percentages of automation and artificial intelligence, a huge component of lifelong learning, season with company culture, and mix well."

Tapping into Upwork's latest Skills Index and Deloitte's 2018 "Global Human Capital Trends" report, she concludes that companies that are already revolutionizing ways to bring together traditional employees, learning, technology, and access to contemporary talent assets such as on-demand and remote workers are the ones that will be best positioned for competitiveness and growth!

The mobility function is one of the gears that needs to be engaged in this new talent engine that will drive the future. Is your program too busy trying to keep up with today that it can't or isn't thinking about tomorrow?