As a relocation management company (RMC), we work with recruiters a lot! As they identify critical and desired talent, we frequently support them, sometimes directly and sometimes through the global mobility team when domestic or cross-border relocation may be required to secure and support that new hire. We often get the opportunity to present to recruiter teams to help educate them on the nuances of the policies that the company has in place and help them to better understand the experience that is shortly at hand for that new employee and their family. They need to know the degree of assistance and the process that will unfold to better manage the candidate and new hire experience.

It wasn't that long ago in a post titled, Relocation, onboarding and the new hire experience, I shared that Katie Pietig and I had been at the annual Minnesota Employee Relocation Council (MERC) conference, where we presented a session Five Steps To Improve the Relocation Experience of New Talent Into Your Organization. In that we suggested that by following our five top tips, a company could smooth the hand off between recruiting and mobility and create an exceptional candidate experience to help win the war for talent. 

In this article, Peggy Smith, SCRP, SGMS, President and CEO of Worldwide ERC®, discusses with Recruiting Daily Advisor, how the key to fighting the war for talent is to go beyond physical boundaries and think more digitally when attracting and retaining talent. If you’re interested in learning how to attract and retain mobile talent, Smith offers some great tips in her Q&A below.