It's no secret that successful companies must constantly respond and adapt to the ongoing changes in their environments - both internal and external. But with today's rate of change being faster than ever, it's becoming even more challenging to get (and keep) the talent you want and need. It's time for companies to step up their A game, and mobility teams are a key player on the court.

To address these new workforce demands, organizations are calling on global mobility teams to elevate their strategic input and output to help win the war for talent. Global mobility is the mechanism companies have to support the movement of talent to achieve business initiatives, and it's clear that changes in talent demographics, and shortages of that talent will continue to pose a major challenge for companies in the future.

We see clients focusing on better understanding and supporting their intern programs, developing and improving their developmental rotational assignment programs, working on initiatives to elevate the experience for all the folks being touched by their talent mobility programs.

Learn more about how your global mobility function can better support talent development, management and acquisition with our white paper "Get ready for the great talent face-off."

As Einstein once said, "If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got!" Be bold and try something different. Shoot for world-class.