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As many of our clients expect increasing numbers of employees moving about the world through their global mobility programs, they need to help travelers understand the potential risks they face and work to help keep them safe along the way.  

The experts at Drum Cussac offer up some tips: 

  1. Apply for travel documents in advance and have the appropriate travel insurance.
  2. Learn some basic phrases, respect local customs and be wary where you photograph. 
  3. Maintain a low profile and always carry a mobile phone, pre-programmed with important numbers. 
  4. Plan journeys in advance and register in every city within 24 hours.  
  5. Select hotels with good reviews and ask the concierge for areas to avoid.  
  6. Only use licensed and regulated mini-cab companies. 
  7. Know where you are, avoiding confrontations and demonstrations.  
  8. Only drink at respected establishments, limit alcohol consumption and never accept drinks from strangers.
  9. Be alert to possible threats, especially in tourist areas, and have access to security alerts. 
  10. Be alert to the cyber-threat and enable basic IT security on phones, tablets and laptops.

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