After having discussed "How will we live in the 2020s?" where they looked at some really interesting thoughts around how eco-homes will become symbols of status, how corporates will run neighborhoods and how homes will be made into factories, the Financial Times has tossed out three new property trends in the 2020s from the article, "Property in the 2020s." Those three trends are:

  1. Housing will no longer be a safe bet for investors
  2. Technology will change everything
  3. Late-life communities will end

Their thoughts in the article center around how high home prices, tech and ageing populations will affect the way we live as we head into the next decade.

Here's an excerpt out of the article related to rents: "For renters, the next 10 years could see the implementation of more rent controls. Paris lawmakers introduced such measures this year. In London, mayor Sadiq Khan is pushing for devolved powers to manage London’s overheating rental market. There, the average private rent for a one-bedroom home is more than the average for a three-bedroom home rental in every other region of England."

Like most industries, technology continues to either change or impact the way the game is played. How we buy, manage and sell homes will continue to get reworked, along with the evolution of how much "smarter" homes will continue to get.

I am particularly interested in their third idea of how we will develop a new model for retirement living that will better incorporate older people into more stimulating inclusive environments rather than "late-life communities." Many countries are not prepared for the increase in people over the age of 65.