Even before the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations were transforming due to new technologies — and leaders were being forced to adapt. Now, with social distancing and remote working the “new normal” for so many of us, these transformations are accelerating even faster.

Back at the end of 2019, I wrote about the rise of remote work and how 70 percent of professionals across the world said they work remotely at least one day a week. Fast forward just a few months, and think about how many people would say they work remotely five days per week. There’s no doubt that the world has changed quickly!

For a business leader in this environment, it’s critical to properly manage and maximize virtual teams. But on a broader level, this pandemic is highlighting the need for “next-gen” leadership that truly recognizes what a digital transformation means for business everywhere. We’re all seeing firsthand these days that technology allows us to interact with colleagues across the world in new, interesting ways. When this pandemic is over, this technology will still be here — and will continue to evolve. How should business leaders respond to the “wave of change?”

Amit S. Mukherjee, a professor of leadership and strategy at Hult International Business School, has five suggestions for current and aspiring leaders:

  • Truly champion inclusivity
  • Quickly acquire broad knowledge
  • Collaborate more intensively
  • Push beyond productivity and nurture creativity
  • Become a guardian of an awesome power

I encourage you to read the article below for more on each of these. We’re in a challenging time, but there is an opportunity for the next generation of leaders to make their companies even stronger on the other side.