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| 1 minute read

It’s great to be growing at Plus

The past 19 months have no doubt been challenging for many organizations, Plus included, but it’s encouraging to see business activity pick up as we all move toward a more hopeful future.

That’s part of the reason I’m so excited that we’ve added David Croft to our Business Development team. David is a great person and an experienced mobility industry leader, and he’s going to really bring a lot to the table at Plus.

David also positions us for continued strategic growth as we expand our Business Development efforts. And speaking of growth, Plus isn’t done there! We have a number of current opportunities that we’re looking to fill as we build our team of the future. It really is an exciting time for our organization.

I encourage you to check out the job postings — many of which are open to remote work arrangements — and see if any may be a good fit for you, or share them with someone who may be interested. I also encourage you to learn more about our addition of David in the press release linked below.

It’s full steam ahead for Plus!

Plus Relocation is excited to announce the addition of a new Business Development Director as it positions itself for strategic growth in the years to come.


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