“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”

This quote, attributed to Helen Keller, does a nice job of touching on the value of having (and being) good partners.

In our industry, the importance of strong partnerships is clear. Just think about all the supplier partners your mobility team might work with — household goods shippers, immigration providers, destination service companies and so on. You may manage those partnerships yourselves, or you may work with a relocation management company like Plus to set you up with the right partners. But either way, it’s really hard to do relocation alone, which makes choosing the right partners so important.

The article below from Inc. highlights how useful it can be to think outside the (pizza) box when it comes to business partnerships. For instance, &pizza forged a partnership with Lyft to offer employees free rides home, which was particularly useful for workers who worked late-night shifts at the restaurant and maybe couldn’t find a train or bus. By thinking outside the box when it came to a potential partner, &pizza had a positive effect on the employee experience.

We’ve taken the same philosophy with Point C, our groundbreaking benefit selection tool. By offering benefits that aren’t normally found in relocation policies — such as ride share credits — we aim to offer relocating employees the choice, control and care they truly need. And this is made possible through innovative supply chain partnerships.

Of course, partnerships don’t solely exist with outside companies. Having strong internal partnerships is particularly important in mobility. Forging these partnerships — and realizing we’re stronger together vs. alone — can help mobility teams deliver more value.