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| 1 minute read

Are you ready to make DE&I a priority in 2022?

The coming New Year is a great time to look forward but also spend time reflecting. When it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) in the corporate world, there is plenty to reflect on.

In the past two years, we’ve seen an increase in DE&I-related job openings and a rising focus on diversity in boardrooms. Larger social pressures are influencing organizations to put a greater emphasis on DE&I, and while progress is no doubt slower than many may want, the ball is rolling.

As for looking forward, 2022 should see even more attention on this important area. Dionna Smith, the global head of DE&I at Thumbtack, notes in her article below: “If 2020 was a year of corporate awakening then 2021 was about putting stakes in the ground. 2022 will be about making meaningful, enduring, systemic changes.”

I hope Dionna is right, but making “meaningful, enduring, systemic changes” won’t be easy. For those of us in HR and mobility, a big first step is simply committing to DE&I as a focus area and then knowing where to begin your journey.

You don’t need to change the world overnight — incremental growth is much more realistic and attainable. However, nothing will get done if organizations don’t make a commitment to DE&I right away to kick off 2022.

Looking for more on the subject as it relates to mobility? Check out our “DE&I toolbox” for some tips on building a more inclusive and supportive mobility program, then dive into our survey report for an overview of how industry leaders are approaching DE&I.

DEI programs have come so far. But we’re just on the cusp of getting into the hard work that’s still to come. 2022 is the year where we need to live up to the commitments we made in 2020 and the initiatives we started building in 2021.


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