"Then, Now and Still to Come: Exploring Mobility Trends and Considering the Road Ahead"

In this constantly changing world that we live in, one of the best things your company can do is keep up with industry trends. So in the five-part webcast above, we explore recent mobility trends and get multiple perspectives on the road ahead for global mobility. We appreciate that despite more flexibility in work structure these days, most people are busier than ever, so as opposed to doing a live webinar where you need to tap in at a specific day and time, we decided to make this an “on demand” session that you can start/stop/pause and re-watch at times that work best for you.

Part One: taps into recent research on talent mobility trends and presents the "here and now" from the vantage point of Joe Benevides, Plus's COO. Joe has vision across the industry and shares why he is optimistic about what is to come.

Part Two: presents Anna Kostial, director of client services here at Plus, and offers her take on where we are at in the current mobility landscape. Anna shares what is happening at the ground level and on a day-to-day basis with mobile employees and with relocation programs. 

Part Three: is the can't miss component of this webcast where two of our favorite corporate mobility program owners from two different industries, (Elena Jiang - Director of Executive Compensation and Mobility at W.W. Grainger, Inc. and Amanda Brown - Sr. Manager, Global Mobility at Snowflake, Inc.) share their thoughts on the challenges that we are emerging from today, talk a little about where they see things now, and make some predictions on what is waiting for global mobility down the road.

Part Four: Addressing housing is such an integral component on every move, so in this part we tap Kelly House, who leads our real estate services. He explores real estate trends that are impacting relocating employees in their home sale, home purchase and rental experiences. 

Part Five: dips into the supply chain side of challenges as we look ahead. Sarah Jackson, Plus's director of global supply chain, guides the conversation and lends her knowledge on what is happening and how it is impacting the employee experience.

"Then, Now and Still to Come: Exploring Mobility Trends and Considering the Road Ahead" is ready when you are, so tap in to contemplate how these perspectives compare to what you are seeing out there in the industry and where you think things are going!