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What are mobility programs prioritizing in 2023?

Obviously as the last couple of years have unfolded, we have all had to pivot and re-think initial goals or objectives. This time last year, we shared some research-driven priorities for mobility programs. Last year (for 2022) companies said that their top 5 priorities were:

  1. Aligning with talent strategy (attracting/retaining employees)
  2. Improving the employee experience
  3. Increasing mobility volume and resuming "on hold" moves
  4. Addressing remote work issues
  5. Increasing program and policy flexibility

Then, not as high on the list, were a number of other priorities that were noted as well: 

  • Managing risk and compliance
  • Budgeting and cost containment/reduction
  • Upgrading technology
  • Adding, removing, revising policies
  • Reducing/eliminating exceptions
  • Focusing on DE&I
  • Sustainability

Now, we are sneaking up on the third anniversary of when the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic (March 11). But we also know that President Biden will end the national emergencies to combat the coronavirus on May 11, 2023. Much has changed from this time last year to now. That said, how are you charting the course forward? What will be the areas that your mobility program will spend the most time on over the course of 2023? Well, we are working on the report from our recent 2023 Global Mobility Trends Survey and here's what we see:

Top 5 Global Mobility Priorities for 2023

  1. Program efficiencies: Streamlining processes and creating more efficient practices is the top priority for mobility programs in 2023.
  2. Policy work: Adding, removing, reviewing and/or revising policies.
  3. Employee experience: Improving the employee experience stays a top priority, down from #2 in 2022.
  4. Costs: cost containment or reductions will be a primary focus for many mobility programs in 2023.
  5. Aligning with talent strategy: Last year's #1 settles into fifth place for 2023. 

Can you relate to this list? The challenges we see ahead will define our focus. Is there anything you have on the priority list for your global mobility program that is missing from the above? Here are a few things to read for each of the above priorities:

  1. Program efficiencies? How to "go to gemba" in your mobility program 
  2. Policy work? What can global mobility do about racial homeownership gaps? 
  3. Employee experience? How can Global Mobility "delight" 5 different generations in the workforce? 
  4. Cost containment? Tracking WCOL's impact on your mobility program! 
  5. Talent strategy? Don't let your global mobility program "quietly quit" on you. 
Is there anything you have on the priority list for your global mobility program that is missing from the above? Linked below is a summary of what we heard from clients with a little more detail on the top five priorities.