This article presents 6 trends that these experts feel will dominate the HR landscape and that leveraging them can help you design strategic responses that make the most sense for your business. But this article goes deeper than just HR.

As I read this article, being in global mobility, I could not help wondering how global mobility is embedded into the "Big Issues" facing HR in 2016. Is it it's own issue, or is it woven into the top trends shaping the workplace and HR?

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has 5 different "Special Expertise Panels" made up of select experienced members that serve one-year terms for up to two years. It is their "Global Special Expertise Panel" that digs into the realm of global mobility, looking at topics like:

* ROI of international assignments

* Global tax and social security issues/pension portability

* Hiring foreign nationals and localization

* Cultural differences and business practices between countries

* Various areas of expatriate life and stages (expat/repat/on assignment)

Check out these trends and you will see why I think the article could have just as easily been entitled, "The Big Issues Facing Global Mobility Programs" in 2016.