Passports (and the visas they contain) are your ticket to world travel and doing business around the globe. These 3x5 booklets carry a lot of weight, some more than others, when it comes to entry into other countries. Despite recent technology enhancements, not much has changed over the years with them, but the future of passports should be interesting. In the meantime, here is a ranking of the worlds most powerful passports - see where your country ranks:

In the article below, Armand Arton, president of Arton Capital says, “Many people around the world consider their passports a barrier to their opportunities in life and choose to empower their identity and global footprint by obtaining a second citizenship through investment.

“In an age of increasing mobility, becoming a Global Citizen has never been more desirable. Investing in a second residency or citizenship is a liberating and empowering privilege, which comes with a responsibility to the world.”