As we are gearing up to participate in the annual BAMM Conference in San Francisco this Thursday, this is a really interesting article to take into consideration. It really helps to set the back drop for where global mobility and assignment programs can support the overall talent management strategy and impact the retention of employees. 

I will be introducing a panel session entitled, "Effectively Managing Rotational Assignments - An eBay Case Study" where we will have an all-star superhero team that manages those programs at eBay that will educate on the challenges and benefits that come with this type of program.  Developing and retaining top talent is a huge motivator and rotational assignment programs are very good for these purposes.

My favorite quote in the article:

"It's time to think of recruiting as something that doesn't stop until an employee has left the building (and arguably not even then with alumni and boomerang recruiting efforts). Viewing your employees as fundamental building blocks of your organization, not commodities, will allow you to shift your mindset (and resources) towards continual development and growth, helping you keep your talent longer."