One of the ongoing trends we have seen over the last five to seven years is an increased use of cross-border permanent transfer (relocation) policies for moving talent, as opposed to long-term expatriate assignment policies.  

For U.S. multinational companies, employment-based (EB) green cards are a valuable tool to help attract, develop and retain foreign talent in the United States.   There are three options for green cards (EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3) that a company can consider. All three are for indefinite work authorizations, require renewals every 10 years, and allow concurrently filing green card applications for spouses and minor children. Companies do need to consider who is eligible for sponsorship and whether a PERM labor certification is required.

Our good friends at Envoy Global have offered up five tactics for green card success. We would encourage you to download their document for more on:

  1. Making sure your employee is on a dual-intent visa
  2. Creating a strategy for testing the labor market
  3. Setting time expectations for citizens of backlogged countries
  4. Gathering experience documentation ahead of time
  5. Finding a trusted partner!

Click here to learn more on green card trends from Envoy Global.