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How can you use your mobility program to attract high-potential talent?

Attracting talent is challenging, and once you have brought an ideal candidate on board, the last thing you want is for them to leave. High-potentials are the most cherished talent resources that can have the greatest impact on future business success.

A good internal mobility program can help retain your employees by keeping them productive and engaged, and facilitating their ability to take on new projects, roles and challenges throughout your company.

Here are three tips on how you can use your mobility program to attract high-potential talent from Rachel Ostovich, a Client Relations Manager here at Plus Relocation:

  1. Ensure that your HR teams, particularly your recruiting team, understands and can sell your mobility program. Rely on those resources that your Relocation Management Company (RMC) has to offer and allow for ongoing training for these teams.
  2. Take the opportunity to benchmark your program both within your industry and outside of your industry. High-potential employees may be attracted to a sector that perhaps you haven’t recruited from before. Make sure that your benefits are competitive to attract this type of talent.
  3. Utilize self-service tools, which are low cost and can be offered to lower-level employees receiving minimal benefits or lump sums. Benefit selection tools can allow candidates to design their own packages, which is often appealing.

For tips on how to use your mobility program to retain this high-potential talent, check out part two.

My question today is, ‘How can you use your mobility program as a tool to help attract and retain high-potential employees?’ In part one, we’ll look at attracting this type of talent. First, let’s look at what a high-potential, or ‘hi-po,’ employee is looking for in their work environment. Hi-pos typically aren’t looking for just a job. Rather, they are looking for an environment where they can grow their global experience, have creative and experiential opportunities and, most importantly, have the opportunity to do meaningful work and create an impact. So how can you use your mobility program as a tool to help attract and recruit this type of employee? Here are some things you can do right now:


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