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Plus tops Trippel's 2018 International Managers' Survey

Plus Relocation Services tops Trippel's 2018 International Managers' Survey!

With a vision of being the "world's best relocation company," and a mission to "Deliver Delight" to our clients in the global mobility industry, we are proud to announce that the results of the "Fourteenth Annual Relocation Managers' Survey© - International - administration, policy and performance" places Plus at the top of the industry.

Of the 14 Relocation Management Companies (RMC's) that qualified to participate in the survey, Plus obtained the highest scores in three of the six categories. Additionally, when averaged across all the categories, Plus led all competitors across the entire survey. Here are the three specific categories Plus scored highest in the industry:

  1. Plus Relocation ranked first in technology, scoring above industry average
  2. Plus Relocation ranked first in local supplier management, scoring above industry average
  3. Plus Relocation ranked first in overall satisfaction, scoring above industry average

Plus Relocation also had the highest net satisfaction for two additional categories: 

  • Quality of Service and People
  • Value For Price Paid

Check out this press release for further details.

We are excited and motivated by these excellent results!

Corporate clients benefit from receiving unbiased, comprehensive and objective information on topics important to managing corporate departments. Trippel typically uses web-based survey technology to obtain benchmarking or comparative evaluation facts. However, voice and focus-groups are also used by Trippel to secure data and relevant information.         Trippel, since the founding his company, conducts many sets of web-based Relocation Managers Surveys. These varied surveys, conducted annually (many in the 15th year of publishing!), gather the evaluations and opinions of corporate relocation managers on the performance of the service suppliers in different industry categories. Often, 400 or more relocation managers participate and the results are published in comprehensive reports portraying the strongest and weakest service firms in many relocation supporting industries.


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