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What cities do you send your employees to?

The 2018 Global Livability Index has hit the stands. This annual survey report is put out by the Intelligence Unit at The Economist and ranks 140 cities globally with regard to their livability which measures areas of infrastructure, stability, education, healthcare, and the culture and environment. 

So, what are the 10 MOST livable cities in the world?

  1. Vienna
  2. Melbourne
  3. Osaka
  4. Calgary
  5. Sydney
  6. Vancouver
  7. Toronto
  8. Tokyo
  9. Copenhagen
  10. Adelaide

Many of these same cities get included each year in their top 10, but this is the first time that Vienna has leaped to number one ahead of Melbourne, which had held the top spot for the past seven years! It was the area of "stability" for Vienna that has improved and gotten it into the lead. In many other "quality of living" ratings, Vienna is a top, if not the top, contender as well.

Now, where are those cities that someone would say..."You couldn't PAY me the live there!"?  

The bottom 10 LEAST livable cities are:

  1. Dakar
  2. Algiers
  3. Douala
  4. Tripoli
  5. Harare
  6. Port Moresby
  7. Karachi
  8. Lagos
  9. Dhaka
  10. Damascus

When it comes to international assignments, the safety and security of your relocating employees should be one of your top priorities. Proactively considering the locations that talent is being sent to is part of the global mobility function. For more ideas about raising your duty of care capabilities, download our "How To Keep Relocating Employees Safe" white paper.

The Liveability Survey provides a full report of The EIU’s liveability ratings for 140 cities around the world. This includes a one-page overview for each of the 140 cities covered as well as The EIU’s ratings for each city on the full set of over 30 qualitative and quantitative factors. Purchase the Liveability Survey here. The Liveability Ranking and Overview provides a complete overview of The EIU’s liveability ratings for 140 cities around the world. This includes a summary of the findings, as well as tables listing the ranking position, overall liveability score and average scores for all cities across each of the five categories: stability, healthcare, culture environment, education and infrastructure. Purchase the Liveability Ranking and Overview here.


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