Why do we like AIRINC? Maybe because we like smart, nimble companies that are passionate about bringing value to clients. We like companies that work to create relationship-oriented partnerships; companies that like to make people think -- and think differently. Maybe it's because they think a lot like us, or we think like them? Their most recent piece on the "three best practices for improving the mobility experience" is worth the pause to read and consider.

"Experience" has been a paramount topic in the mobility industry over the past 18 months. Mobility teams have been challenged to consider how their processes, policies and programs are impacting business line managers, payroll departments, recruiters, talent management leaders, expatriates and relocating employees. And, here is some fresh data that has not even been published yet. While the employee experience has been a hot trending topic in 2018, the reality is that just under 10% of the participants in our recent U.S. Mobility Programs Survey (which will be out soon) have done anything at this point within their mobility programs to enhance the employee experience

However, just over two-thirds of companies are currently evaluating and exploring unique ways to do this in the future without dramatically raising the costs to the company.

The three areas that this AIRINC article focuses on are:

  1. Act like a business...meaning treat your internal customers like true customers where your products and services meet their needs. Do you know what they need and want? Do they find great value in your efforts? If they had options, would they choose your team to support them?
  2. Design for flexibility...re-imagine the intent of certain benefits and consider giving it a new spin. Employees want choice and control. They want it to fit to the needs that they have...adding flexibility allows for this.
  3. Define success...is a suggestion to make sure that all assignments have clear goals that can be measured against. But, do the same for the mobility support being provided. Know how well your efforts are making an impact.

If this article resonates with you, try going back and reading a couple of our white papers that will provide additional food for thought for raising your mobility program to another level.

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