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Raise your G-A-M-E (global assignment management expertise)

What does it take to be a true global assignment management expert? There are so many areas of expertise when managing a truly global talent mobility program. If you are involved in directing or managing an assignment program, you are probably always looking for great resources on a wide variety of topics. 

Here is the shortlist of subject matter expertise that you could consider when taking on the challenge of raising your G-A-M-E:

Hold up...that list got long quickly!!

Then there are other issues like expat fatigue, expat experience, assignment failure/success, employee initiated mobility, rotational assignments, and so many more.

How are you raising the level of your global assignment management expertise?

You might be moving abroad to be with family and friends, taking up the offer of a job that is whisking you away to countries new, or just seeking hot sun and exotic beaches in far off places. Whatever your reasons, you may fit into one of the six types of expats that have been identified during a survey carried out by the Expat Insider 2018: The World Through Expat Eyes. The full PDF of the survey can be accessed here. An impressive 80 percent of all the survey participants were able to identify with one of six types of expats. So, which type of expat are you?


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