First impressions are key. It’s the first time that a newly hired employee has a chance to subconsciously judge your company, so it’s important to ensure that it’s a good first impression. This article mentions several ways to engage employees prior to their first day such as:

  • Have the CEO welcome the new employee via a personalized note or message
  • Create an on-boarding plan before the employee starts
  • Engage the new employee on social media
  • Make your company values visible and transparent
  • Invite employees to join a group communication platform (such as Slack)
  • Offer a virtual walkthrough of the office to alleviate some of the stress from the unknowns

What is the one thing this article is missing? Relocation. Although not every new hire relocates for a job, the amount of support that is offered and the experience that the relocating population has will leave a lasting impression on them, whether that be good or bad. Just remember, when an employee relocates for a job at your company, that’s their biggest first impression they have of the company, and you probably want to make it a positive experience for them.

Is one of your company’s goals for talent management to create a great employee experience? If so, that should also be one of the top goals for your mobility program. When an employee’s first experience with your company is relocation, and they feel as though they are taken care of, the likelihood of that employee becoming engaged and productive on their first day is significantly higher than those employees that have a negative first impression or relocation experience.

According to a survey completed by Bamboo, 31% of people have left a job within their first six months, and an even more staggering number of 68% of people have left a job voluntarily within three months of starting. Investing in the hiring and on-boarding process can help decrease turnover down the road. If companies devise strategies to ensure that the people they are hiring are a good fit for the company and job, they have a better chance of talent retention. For the best retention possibility, make sure that the employee’s first impression is a good one.

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