Companies have learned that understanding any new generation coming into the workforce is crucial for the business’ future success. Not only do they need to understand a new customer base, but they also need to understand a new employee demographic. Designating resources to research and develop new ways of doing business and managing a new generation is critical for companies and failing to recognize the differences of each generation could be detrimental for future opportunities.

Enter Generation Z. They are the youngest generation in the workforce and they too have shown their uniqueness. They are the most connected and educated generation in history and are vastly technologically savvy. They are heavily influenced by peer to peer reviews and social media communication, yet the majority prefer face to face conversation. They are still in college or in the early stages in their careers and need guidance yet are individualistic and self-motivated.

Why do Generation Z characteristics matter in mobility? For starters, they don’t need or want a traditional relocation package. Simply put, they are reshaping how we think of relocation benefits. They would rather have their items donated or discarded on their behalf instead of paying thousands of dollars for a household goods shipment. They desire assistance getting them and their few belongings to their new destination as quickly and efficiently as possible so that they can be ready for their new job.

If we don't have your attention yet, this may do the trick: they soon may comprise the largest percentage of renters in the nation in a time of record-breaking rent prices. As a result, they might look for assistance paying for rentals, instead of assistance finding them. Understanding needs such as this and adapting your mobility program to accommodate these “non-traditional” needs can help set your company apart when it comes time to recruit this generation of employees.

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