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What do employees want from employers?

Salary may be the single most important element that makes an employer attractive, but it’s important to also tend to other value propositions in today’s highly competitive talent market. Other considerations such as a good work-life balance, job security and a pleasant work environment all play a part in a candidate's choice of a workplace.  

Well, the 2019 Employer Brand Research Report from Randstad is now available. If you are seeking to become (or remain) an employer of choice, the insights can help you understand what employee value propositions are most important. And, by digging deeper into the research by segment, age group and region, you can more effectively shape your employer brand and improve your overall talent attraction strategy. Tap into it to consider what workers really want.

From where we sit, talent mobility can play a role in supporting your employer brand and talent strategies. Employees and candidates are seeking experiences and talent mobility can support developmental initiatives along with business initiatives; frequently at the same time! Internships, rotational assignments and many other flavors of developmental assignments are there to enhance the value proposition and can make the difference in attracting or retaining the people you both need and want. Relocation and assignment programs are an extension of the employer culture and brand. Are yours in alignment?

Looking for some additional insights on how leverage mobility, try: 5 Global Mobility Strategies to Attract (and keep) Top Talent

We are employer branding experts and conduct independent and comprehensive research into what attracts employees to an organization. The Randstad Employer Brand Research dives into worker's drivers and motivators in 32 countries.


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