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What countries are more dangerous to send employees to?

One element of properly managing a world-class global mobility program is to ensure that health and security risks for your mobile employees are addressed. What does your current mobility program have in place to educate stakeholders on the travel risks around the world, help employees prepare for their trip or assignment, and respond quickly and effectively if and when an emergency does strike?

It likely starts with taking a good look at all of the locations that your company is sending employees to work in. There are many tools out there for assessing destination cities and countries. The one I have linked to is from Drum Cussac, who are travel risk management experts. They have produced a World Risk Map that evaluates and then ranks countries based on:

  • Security risks: including petty & violent crime, civil conflicts, protests, strikes and terrorism
  • Political risks: including government stability, levels of corruption, political interference and sanctions
  • Medical risks: including presence of diseases, standard of medical facilities, access to water and availability of pharmaceuticals
  • Environmental risks: including proximity to seismic activity, frequency of storms, presence of man-made ordnance such as landmines and climatic hazards
  • Infrastructural risks: including road safety and standards, provision of utilities such as electricity, cybercrime and aviation security & standards

Here are the top 10 most dangerous countries by region according to Drum Cussac:

Europe: Ukraine

Africa: Libya, Central African Republic, South Sudan, Somalia, 

Americas: Venezuela, El Salvador

Asia/Middle East: Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq

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Our experts have ranked each country in the world from least to most risky. Find out which destinations offer more threats to you and your travellers now. Whether you're a business traveller or someone heading abroad on holiday, one of the major concerns you'll have is "will I be safe?". To help you answer that question, our experts have rated the levels of risk present in each and every country across the globe. Take a look below to discover which are the most dangerous countries to travel to in 2019.


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