Tis' the season where we start seeing predictions for what is coming in 2020 and report outs on what was seen in 2019. This article from Pacific Prime speaks to their predictions for the top three trends coming in 2020. Some of their insights ring true to our experience this past 2019 and with what we are anticipating in the next 12 months. Let's have a quick peek at what they say (and what we say):

  1. Shorter assignments and international commuting: They say employees are choosing shorter assignments. They also expect more situations where, for example, a Singapore-based employee works four days in Hong Kong, and then commutes home for three days to spend with family. We are seeing that long-term assignments have not disappeared, and that short-term and commuter assignments are better balancing cost, needs and experience. From where we sit, companies are still more than willing to send talent on longer stints when needed, but shorter durations are an en vogue win-win scenario, particularly for dual-career couples.
  2. Disruptive technology will become mainstream: They say that disruptive technology is going to begin being implemented and that this will lead to streamlining processes that have dogged mobility teams and will reduce the amount of time spent on administration, answering queries and compliance. We say that along with streamlining, technologies will bring a whole new experience to mobile employees and the teams that are managing them. Talent attraction and onboarding, along with engagement and retention, will remain critically important to companies and technology will sit at the core of an improved delivery experience. Tools grounded by a thorough understanding of what mobile employees want and need are set to dominate the scene (#PointC). We completely agree that companies are looking for the next thing to take their program to another level and are budgeting for new efficient experience enhancers that incorporate the use of quality data and AI! This is why we created Plus One, our super-cool new innovation lab.
  3. Greater emphasis on inclusivity and diversity: They say that companies are getting more serious about diversity and inclusion (D&I) and that studies have shown that it makes business sense. We agree that while programs have been talking about D&I initiatives, many have yet to establish measurable objectives {see: Considering global mobility and diversity & inclusion (D&I) and Women and Mobility}. We believe that programs will be focusing on cultivating a more inclusive global mobility pipeline of participants. Last May when we wrote this post and considered which positions would be created in global mobility over the next 10 years, number six was a GM Diversity Officer! We asked last year, "Is diversity and inclusion on your global mobility radar for 2019?" and we are betting that if we asked again today looking out at 2020, that the answer would be yes again, but with a little more conviction for putting something in place. 

So, that was their top three, with a little insight from us. What else are you seeing? One thing is for sure, you are about to see more articles like this over the next few months! Tis' the season!

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