Let's go back to the end of January and consider "The Future of Intercultural Training: 4 Trends for 2020." In her article, Nicole Barile explained that modern learners want learning to be immediate, personalized, flexible and ongoing. "They want to be instantly wowed, they want to be challenged and they want to have fun along the way."

She shared these four trends for 2020:

  1. Skills for All: Intercultural Training Is Not Just for Expats
  2. Collaboration: Intercultural Training Is a Natural Partner for Other Initiatives
  3. Integration: Intercultural Training Content and Delivery Is Changing as Technology Advances
  4. Strategic Partners: Intercultural Training Success Is About Finding the Right Partner

We were hurtling further along the global continuum where the future success of companies would be based on their cultural competence. "Many leading multinational organizations have developed global programs dedicated to nurturing the skills and mindset required for international growth."

So now where are we or where are we headed as we gradually move toward a new post-pandemic world?

Her latest post shares her thoughts on what COVID-19 means specifically for intercultural training in the global mobility world and she puts forth five predictions:

Prediction #1 - Some intercultural training companies will not survive this

Prediction #2 - We will see an increase in business-focused trainings

Prediction #3 - We will see an increase in virtual programs

Prediction #4 - We will see an increase in global leadership programs

Prediction #5 - Corporates will cut dollars spent on intercultural training & will force more creative alternatives

Only time will prove out how accurate her predictions are, but I appreciate her view that hopefully things won't be the way they were, but rather we will all work on innovating to create and design even better ways of supporting families moving around the world.