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| 1 minute read

The future of HR is coming soon

Human resource departments are critical components of many companies. When new employees join the ranks — or seasoned employees look to move up the ladder — HR leaders are who they turn to for support and guidance.

And now, HR is becoming even more important.

The COVID-19 pandemic is drastically reshaping how and where people work. Employees are looking for help in navigating this new working world, and HR professionals are stepping up to the plate as trusted resources.

This is also creating an opportunity for HR to transform itself and take on more leadership responsibilities within companies. The article below from the Harvard Business Review highlights “21 HR jobs of the future.” Looking through the list, it’s interesting to note roles such as “Director of Wellbeing” and “Employee Enablement Coach” that speak directly to the employee experience.

Now more than ever, the experience an employee has with a company is critical. A positive experience can keep top talent engaged and stimulated, while a poor experience can lead to disengagement and retention issues.

The same idea applies to relocating employees, and I wrote recently about how now is a great time to enhance your company’s mobile employee experience. Moving for work has always been stressful, but amid COVID-19, that stress is only compounded. Providing the right support to relocating employees is critical to their happiness — and productivity.

In the coming years, it’ll be interesting to see how HR evolves and what impact this has on the employee experience. And because global mobility is often a function of HR within companies (or at least closely related), changes to HR will likely trickle down and effect how mobility programs operate.

We believe this is HR’s moment to lead organizations in navigating the future. They have a tremendous opportunity, and responsibility, to provide workers with guidance on the skills and capabilities they will need to be successful over the next decade as new roles continue to emerge.


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