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How will global mobility respond to the 6 "Megatrends?"

Understanding the changing dynamics is critical to our "sur-thrival." Our CEO, Susan Benevides, explored that idea of sur-thrival in this post. It is a mindset that has served us well, and is helping other organizations too. Per Susan, "It requires an awareness and recognition of what is happening in the world around us while maintaining a ‘future-oriented thrive’ mindset that treats disruption as opportunity."

If a "Megatrend" is something that massively influences and changes the world — and our lives —  on a global macro scale, then these are issues or disruptions that must be addressed. They are big powerful macroeconomic, geostrategic, geopolitical, natural or societal forces that pose significant challenges that are inescapable. Maintaining the same behaviors in a new world will not minimize the risks and will not help us be successful. As Susan points out, these Megatrends are the types of occurrences that we need to look at as "opportunities."

So what are the Megatrends that we should be considering as we look ahead to the rest of 2022 ... and beyond? To help us manage the shifting currents, the article below from PMI lays out six Megatrends, all of which are likely to continue to define the "impactors" on our lives and businesses. 

  1. Digital disruption
  2. Climate crisis
  3. Demographic shifts
  4. Economic shifts
  5. Labor shortages
  6. Civil, civic and equality movements

I believe that mobility professionals are very similar to project professionals, in that they need to understand challenges, clearly identify the problems and set a course for collaborating to solve these challenges. In this quote, feel free to replace "project professionals" with "mobility professionals."

"To meet these challenges, project professionals need more than technical skills. They need to adopt a strategic mindset to align projects to their organization’s goals and understand how their outcomes will affect and be affected by the daily progress of world events. They also need to supercharge their leadership and power skills, such as communication, empathy and fostering an innovative mindset, and help others do the same."

Mobility leaders are being challenged to elevate their strategic mindsets and help their companies develop solutions to confront these Megatrends as we head into the rest of the year and into the near future. Their ability to become "changemakers" will make them indispensable within their organizations.

We see six Megatrends emerging for 2022, all with the potential of continued impact on both business and society — from digital disruption to movements for equality that are reshaping every corner of the globe. However, understanding the trends affecting our world is only the first step to overcoming or embracing them. Our community has the greatest impact when we take big ideas and get to work on the grueling task of implementing them. Therefore, it’s not enough that we understand the implications of big challenges like the climate crisis or growing economic inequality — it will also be up to this community to help reimagine and drive solutions.


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